TauriX Penile Creme 陰莖超強霜 40ml 48316

TauriX Penile Creme 陰莖超強霜 40ml 48316


Taurix 特強活性霜,含牛磺酸,人參,強效木材和真正的牛睾丸提取物,有效成分可為生殖器提供最佳的生命力,增加活力和福祉。


Taurix 促進血流輸送到陰莖和睾丸。它可以防止疲勞,並確保您的彈性和性能。Taurix 支持您的男子氣概。


– 含有牛磺酸和真正的公牛睾丸提取物
– Taurix超強力增強陰莖和睾丸的血液循環,同時照顧您的皮膚,以增強生命力和耐力,實現充實的性生活

TauriX Extra Strong Penile Creme 40ml 48316


Taurix extra strong active cream with taurine, ginseng, potency wood and genuine bull testicle extract. The valuable care and active ingredients supply the genital area optimally and more vital. It makes you sexually fit by increasing your vitality and your well-being. Promotes the blood flow is conveyed into the penis and testicles. It is prevent tiring and also secures your elasticity and performance. Taurix extra strong supports your manhood.


– The penis cream with taruine and genuine extract of bulls testicles
– Taurix extra strong enhances the blood circulation of penis and testicles while caring for your skin to support vitality and endurance for a fulfilled sexuality

TauriX Penile Creme 陰莖超強霜 40ml

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