Mens Pocket 男士簡易口袋型吸尿袋 80cc 14片 7284

Mens Pocket 男士簡易口袋型吸尿袋 80cc 14片 7284


舒適和保護私隱的措施,防止輕微的尿失禁或尿滴。 設計用於男士內褲內。


– 男性輕度尿失禁的管理 (80cc = 80ml)
– 排尿後尿滴
– 膀胱活躍和經常流動的男人
– 前列腺手術後


– 呵護肌膚,使用與皮膚弱酸性相同的吸收棉
– 使用全面透氣設計減低焗促感,使皮膚更舒適
– 採用吸收聚合體而製,抑制阿摩尼亞氣味
– 快速吸收,減少與尿接觸的不快感
– 逆三角形形狀,股溝部分合身舒適    
– 不容易變形或變皺,緊貼內褲

Mens Simple Pocket-type Pads For Urine Absorption 80cc 14pcs 7284


Comfortable, discreet protection against very slight urinary incontinence or dribbling. It is designed for use within mens’ underwear.


recommended for :
– The management of light urinary incontinence for men (80cc = 80ml)
– The dribbling after urination
– For active and mobile men
– After prostate surgery


6 benefits:
– Take care of your skin and use absorbent cotton with the same weakly acidic feature as your skin
– Use full breathable design to reduce stuffiness and make skin more comfortable
– Made of absorbent polymer to suppress the smell of Armonia
– Quick absorption, reducing the unpleasantness of contact with urine
– Inverse triangle shape, fit groin comfortably
– Does not easily deform or wrinkle, fits tightly by the fixed tape in the panty

Mens Pocket 男士簡易口袋型吸尿袋 80cc 14片 7284 Mens Pocket 男士簡易口袋型吸尿袋 80cc 14片 7284 Mens Pocket 男士簡易口袋型吸尿袋 80cc 14片 7284 Mens Pocket 男士簡易口袋型吸尿袋 80cc 14片 7284

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