Durex Real Feeling 逼真感安全套-1片散裝 3848

Durex Real Feeling 逼真感安全套-1片散裝 3848


Durex Real Feeling 真實感是一種透明的,奶頭端的聚異戊二烯非乳膠避孕套。


Durex Real Feeling 無乳膠避孕套的真實感材料帶來純淨自然的皮膚對皮膚的感覺。 易上手的形狀和柔軟的質感可以塑造自己的身體,帶來獨特的感覺。


– 直徑 35.7mm
– 闊度 56mm
– 圓周 112mm
– 厚度 0.05mm
– 非橡膠
– 超薄
– 無臭
– 透明
– 附有水性潤滑液




Durex Real Feeling Polyisoprene Condom 1pc


Durex Real Feeling is a transparent, teat-ended, polyisoprene, non-latex condom.


Made from a technically advanced non-latex material which is clinically proven to deliver heightened sensations.


All Durex condoms are CE certified, electronically tested and 100% genuine.


The real-feel material of the Durex Real Feeling latex-free condom allows for a pure and natural skin-to-skin sensation. The easy-on shape and supple texture moulds itself to your body for a unique sensation.


Also know as: Durex Real Feel, Real Sensation, Avanti Bare
Special features: Thinner
Size: Regular
Texture: Smooth
Color: Clear
Flavor: Unflavored
Material: Non-latex polyisoprene
Thickness: 50 microns
Width at base: 56mm (2.2 inches)
Length: 200±5mm (7.9 inches)

Durex Real Feeling 逼真感安全套-1片散裝 3848 Durex Real Feeling 逼真感安全套-1片散裝 3848 Durex Real Feeling 逼真感安全套-1片散裝 3848 Durex Real Feeling 逼真感安全套-1片散裝 3848

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