Ribbed Hollow Dilator帶肋空心-金屬尿道刺激器 64443



Ribbed Hollow Dilator帶肋空心-金屬尿道刺激器 64443


尿道遊戲的愛好者離不開這種帶肋的空心擴張器! 多虧了軸上的5個球,您的尿尿軸會像別的一樣變質。 末端的拉環可確保始終保持對擴張器的良好抓握。 該擴張器的內部是空心的,因此使精子和尿液通過。 它由金屬製成,可以在使用過程中進行冷卻和加熱,以產生額外的刺激。 這可以通過將擴張器放在溫水或冷水中一會兒來完成。 金屬承擔著水的溫度。 使用後,可使用玩具清潔劑或水和抗菌肥皂輕鬆,快速地清潔擴張器。


總長度:15.0cm,有效插入長度 11.0cm,最大插入直徑 10mm

Ribbed Hollow Metal Dilator 64443


Lovers of urethra games can not do without this ribbed hollow dilator! Thanks due the 5 balls on the shaft your pee shaft will be spoiled like nothing else. The pull ring at the end will ensure a good grip on the dilator at all times. This dilator is hollow on the inside and therefore lets sperm and urine through it. It is made of metal making it possible to cool and warm for extra stimulation during use. This can be done by placing the dilator in warm or cold water for a short while. The metal takes on the temperature of the water. After use the dilator is easily and quickly cleaned with a toy cleaner or water and antibacterial soap.


Product Details
Colour: Silver
Material: Metal
Suitable for: Men
Suitable for penetration: Yes
Suitable lubricant: Water and silicone based
Total Length: 15.0cm, max insert length 11.0cm, max insert diameter 10mm
Waterproof: Yes

Ribbed Hollow Dilator帶肋空心-金屬尿道刺激器 64443 Ribbed Hollow Dilator帶肋空心-金屬尿道刺激器 64443 Ribbed Hollow Dilator帶肋空心-金屬尿道刺激器 64443 Ribbed Hollow Dilator帶肋空心-金屬尿道刺激器 64443

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