Eros Toy Silicone 矽性潤滑液 100ml

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Eros Toy Silicone 矽性潤滑液 100ml


你喜歡玩矽膠玩具和其他色情玩具嗎? Toy Silicone Glide可與您的所有玩具一起使用,包括振動器,假陽具和收陰球。




其獨特的配方確保了持久的滑行質量- 永無止境的樂趣!


– 皮膚病學測試
– 非常經濟
– 用於乳膠避孕套
– 不粘,不會乾涸
– 不含防腐劑
– 無味
– 無色無味
– 極其持久的滑行質量
– 無油無味
– CE標誌


Eros Toy Silicone Glide 100ml


Do you love playing with silicone toys and other erotic playthings? Toy Silicone Glide can be used with all your toys, including vibrators, dildos and pleasure balls. Especially designed for use with erotic toys, this lubricant makes penetration even more enjoyable, and provides extra lubrication during sexual intercourse.


Its unique formulation ensures long-lasting glide quality- for never-ending fun!


– dermatologically tested
– very economical
– for use with latex condoms
– non-sticky and does not dry up
– free from preservatives
– flavourless
– colourless and odourless
– extremely long-lasting glide quality
– oil-free and unscented
– CE mark

Eros Toy Silicone 矽性潤滑液 100ml

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