AXL男性自慰專用潤滑液-歡愉熱感 160ml 9605

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AXL男性自慰專用潤滑液-歡愉熱感 160ml


以 男性訓練 為元素的潤滑液!!!


這款名為A.X.L 的男性專用潤滑液,以「強壯、持久、歡愉」三種為主要元素~!






Be Pleasure 歡愉熱感,以橘色為基底,主要是利用熱感的發揮。男人喜歡插入溫溫濕濕的小穴,這一款透過熱感的效果來達到像似抽插小穴的模擬,來達到歡愉的快感。


– 水溶性
– 中黏度
– 自慰專用潤滑液
– 噴霧式噴嘴,易於使用
– 日本製造


– 使用時如有不適,請停止使用


AXL Men Self Care Onahole Lubricant Be Pleasure 160ml


Lube for male masturbation toys


The A.X.L. Onahole Lubricant is the perfect lube for guys looking to glide into their onaholes, onacups, and other types of sex toys more easily. The medium-viscous formula provides long-lasting lubrication while feeling great with any type of onahole. It comes in three versions, each of which has different properties. Orange is a self-heating lotion that will bring a heat wave of pleasure to you and your member. If you’d like to play it cooler, the blue version features a standard type of lube. Finally, the black version contains ingredients designed to enhance the strength of any man’s member.


– Lubricant designed for use with masturbators
– Version: Orange (Be Pleasure), Blue (Be Long), Black (Be Strong)
– Spray-type nozzle for easy application
– Made in Japan

AXL男性自慰專用潤滑液-歡愉熱感 160ml

AXL男性自慰專用潤滑液-歡愉熱感 160ml

AXL男性自慰專用潤滑液-歡愉熱感 160ml

Click to buy 點擊購買 AXL男性自慰專用潤滑液-歡愉熱感 160ml 9605