Shoko Takahashi 激舌超真空口交-高橋聖子 7423

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Geki-Fera Shoko Takahashi 激舌超真空口交-高橋聖子


Geki-Fera Shoko Takahashi 激舌超真空口交-高橋聖子














– 雙層構造
– 肉厚440g
– 吸啜力高
– 超仿真口部製作
– 迫真造形
– 忠實呈現 高橋聖子 口交感
– 附送仿精液潤滑液60ml一枝
– 非貫通設計


– 建議配合潤滑液使用
– 使用時如有不適,請立即停止使用


Geki-Fera Shoko Takahashi Blowjob Onahole


Enjoy oral sex from one of the top names in Japanese porn today. The Geki-Fera Shoko Takahashi Blowjob Onahole brilliantly recreates some of the best assets of Shoko Takahashi (aka Takasho), namely her mouth, lips, and throat. This blowjob fetish masturbator toy is superbly detailed, complete with a nose, teeth, and tongue inside. Best experienced while watching the lady herself in action, Shoko Takahashi will slurp and suck your manhood until you have nothing left to give her.


– Based on Japanese adult video idol Shoko Takahashi
– Oral sex fetish masturbator
– With nose, lips, teeth, tongue
– Dimensions: 170 x 77 x 70mm
– Weight: 440g
– Includes lubricant
– Non-air release hole type masturbator

Geki-Fera Shoko Takahashi 激舌超真空口交-高橋聖子

Geki-Fera Shoko Takahashi 激舌超真空口交-高橋聖子

Geki-Fera Shoko Takahashi 激舌超真空口交-高橋聖子

Click to buy 點擊購買 Shoko Takahashi 激舌超真空口交-高橋聖子 7423