Shine Egg 高級調戲十頻震蛋(紫)E1411

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Shine Egg 高級調戲十頻震蛋(紫)


Shine Egg 十模式震蛋採用高機能設計可提供十種不同的震動模式,閣下可體驗十種快感韻律。控制器及震蛋設計輕巧,使用時方便而且易於收藏。


– 高機能設計
– 10 種不同的震動模式
– 震動力強勁
– 使用3棵 AAA 電池


– 如有需要,請配合潤滑劑使用
– 使用時如有不適,請停止使用


Stylish Vibrating Shine Egg Purple


The stylish shine vibrating egg has ten different pleasure patterns that you control with the touch of a button. Connected to the control via a lengthy cord, the vibrator itself has a special form that makes it easy to insert into the orifice of your choosing, or just use to stroke and glide over sensitive areas of the body.


– Two-button control
– Ergonomic shape
– Power: AAA batteries x 3

Shine Egg 高級調戲十頻震蛋(紫)

Click to buy 點擊購買 Shine Egg 高級調戲十頻震蛋(紫)E1411