Cobra Libre 眼鏡蛇柯波拉

Cobra Libre 眼鏡蛇柯波拉

Cobra Libre 眼鏡蛇柯波拉

Cobra Libre 眼鏡蛇柯波拉



規格: 長度 15cm,直徑 6.0cm

眼鏡蛇柯波拉是專門為喜愛挑戰極限快感的男性所設計的。豪華超級F1賽車造型不僅酷帥風格獨具,而且完全符合人體工學。當陰莖進入按摩器會被柔軟的矽膠緊 密包覆就定位,接著操控著創新的觸控光板,兩個強力馬達交互作用下會釋放出數個前所未見的特殊振動波,以血脈賁張的狂飆極速引爆陰莖頭下方這個男性神秘的 超敏感帶,帶來有如駕馭F1賽車般風馳電掣、豪邁爽快的刺激感,並持續鍛鍊出男子漢鐵血般的耐力和戰鬥力。啟動你的馬達與眼鏡蛇柯波拉一起衝鋒陷陣,它絕 對會是男性時尚風格必收藏的夢幻精品。

購買本產品,請務必另外購買CNC高科技磁吸充電器。一只充電器即可適用於FUN FACTORY所有CNC系列!

- 充電式,免用電池
- 創新綠色節能CNC高科技磁吸充電器技術
- 酷帥風格且符合人體工學
- 創新的觸控光板
- 有效刺激陰莖頭下方這個男性神秘的超敏感帶
- 釋放出數個前所未見的特殊振動波
- 風馳電掣、豪邁爽快的刺激感
- 鍛鍊出男子漢鐵血般的耐力和戰鬥力
- 100%防水
- 購買本品請另購CNC充電器

- 首次充電時間為6小時 (其後建議平均充電時間為5至6小時,能用1小時)。
- 請勿在充電的情況下使用產品,充電期間該產品會自動關機。
- 建議配合潤滑油安全套使用
- 使用時如有不適,請立即停止使用

The new, sensational stimulator »COBRA libre« is the toy for the discerning man.

When the penis enters the toy, a smooth, soft silicone hugs it closely for thrilling stimulation. Two powerful motors release pulsing vibrations just underneath the sensitive penis glans providing right-on-the-spot stimulation. The innovative and stylishly lit control element offers a selection of vibration possibilities never before seen, which you can infinitely adjust to your desire. The low-maintenance and powerful motors in the »COBRA libre« can be operated independently from one another to release unique waves of vibrations. The sporty, ergonomic shape of this exclusive toy for men promises easy handling.

Thanks to the CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE recharge technology, pit stops are short and efficient.

Every time the »COBRA libre« gets your motor revving quickly and reliably and is an absolute ‘must-have”!

Rechargeable CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE vibrator: **Don’t forget the accompanying recharge plug, the »FUN Magnetic Plug«!

* effectively stimulates the most sensitive part of the penis – the glans
* rechargeable
* 100% waterproof
* two powerful, quiet motors which create unique vibration patterns
* intuitive control with one touch buttons
* very easy to clean
* easy to handle
* super soft and velvety silicone

Important note: Please ensure that the toy is fully charged before using it for the first time! Charging can take up to 12 hours! Please also note the information contained in the instruction manual. Thank you very much!

Size: 16.6 cm
Diameter: 6 cm

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