Alligator Nipple Clamps 乳頭夾 2620

Alligator Nipple Clamps 乳頭夾


這乳頭夾子由耐用的金屬夾製成,並覆蓋有柔軟的橡膠襯裡,非常適合初學者和戀物癖愛好者。 旋轉螺絲可以調節施加到奶嘴上的壓力,隨著移動和鏈條擺動,加重的鏈條會增加壓力。

Alligator Nipple Clamps


Made with durable metal clips and covered in soft rubber liners, these clamps are perfect for beginners and fetish enthusiasts alike. The amount of pressure you apply to the nipple is adjustable by turning the screw, and the weighted chain intensifies the pressure as you move and the chain swings.

Alligator Nipple Clamps 乳頭夾 Alligator Nipple Clamps 乳頭夾

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