Feather Fan 羽毛扇子 DC001 (玫紅)

Feather Fan 羽毛扇子 DC001 (玫紅)


Feather Fan 羽毛扇子 DC001 (玫紅)



-摺疊後長度: 約30cm
-打開寬度: 約52cm (180度)

Feather Fan Dc001 Fuchsia


Mystery is always imaginative.
Make good use of the feather fan to trigger private obsession and hidden desire in front of your partner, so that your partner has no resistance to you.

-Feather fan
-Turkey feather
-Length after folding: about 30cm
-Open width: approx. 52cm (180 degrees)

Feather Fan 羽毛扇子 DC001 (玫紅) Feather Fan 羽毛扇子 DC001 (玫紅)

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