Bunny Girl 兔女郎角色扮演套裝 TZ14

Bunny Girl 兔女郎角色扮演套裝 TZ14


– 兔耳朵頭箍: 耳朵長度20cm,頭箍寬度0.7cm,直徑2.8cm
– 珠珠項鍊:周長約30-35cm
– 羽毛拍總長52cm
– 注意:本批次不包括蕾絲手套

因為批次之間的尺寸和重量可能有所不同,這些僅供參考(人手量度, 有1到2CM誤差)。

Bunny Girl Role Playing Set Tz14

Bunny role-playing key items. It increases a lot of fun to sex

– Rabbit ear headband: ear length 20cm, headband width 0.7cm, diameter 2.8cm
– Beaded necklace: circumference is about 30-35cm
– Feather whip: total length 52cm
– Note: This batch does not include lace gloves

These should be used only as a reference since size and weight can vary between batches (there is 1 to 2cm error for measurement)

Bunny Girl 兔女郎角色扮演套裝 TZ14 Bunny Girl 兔女郎角色扮演套裝 TZ14

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