Eros Aqua Sensation Care 水性潤滑液 100ml 1003

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Eros Aqua Sensation Care 水溶性潤滑液 100ml


您是否正在尋找一款專為滿足您女性需求而設計的水性潤滑液? EROS的Aqua Sensation&Care是一種超現代的潤滑液,具有獨特的配方,對皮膚很友善。 這種不含甘油,pH優化的潤滑劑的特殊配方適用於女性私密區域。 蘆薈和泛醇為你的皮膚提供額外的護理,讓它感覺光滑柔軟。 保證提高性交時的滑翔能力!


– 皮膚學測試
– 適用於乳膠避孕套
– 水溶性
– 無色無味
– 無油
– 可與所有玩具一起使用


– 敏感性皮膚不適用
– 使用時如有不適,請立即停止使用

Eros Aqua Sensation Care For Woman 100ml


Water Based Lubricant Are you longing for absolute pleasure in your partnership? Are you looking for variety, surprise and lots of fun? Then you are exactly right at EROS. Whether with lubricants, massages and many other erotic products, EROS provides sensual and exciting experiences and unforgettable highlights. You want to experience great sex and at the same time attach great importance to the quality of the product of your choice? Trust EROS! With the most modern formulations, EROS ensures maximum excitation. EROS stands for the highest quality standards, innovation and purity. It is self-evident that all products are subject to strict controls. You like wet-cheerfully? We also! EROS Waterglides products are water-based lubricants and provide a pleasantly moist-cooling feeling. Absolute fun and guaranteed fun!


– Water Based Lubricant
– Dermatologically Tested
– Long Lasting Glide Quality

Eros Aqua Sensation Care 水溶性潤滑液 100ml

Click to buy 點擊購買 Eros Aqua Sensation Care 水性潤滑液 100ml 1003