Nexus Enduro Plus 厚矽膠超彈力持久環 1278

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Nexus Enduro Plus 厚矽膠超彈力持久環


內徑 35mm






– 矽膠材質安全可靠
– 觸感舒適
– 加強勃起的能力
– 增加勃起持久力
– 不適宜配合矽性潤滑液使用


– 建議配合水溶性潤滑液使用
– 矽膠潤滑液會破壞矽膠製產品
– 使用時如有不適,請立即停止使用

Nexus Enduro Plus Thick Silicone Super Stretchy Cock Ring


Crafted from super stretchy silicone, this phthalate-free cock ring is one size fits all and the perfect accompaniment to intimate play with a partner. Nexus Enduro is a luxury black super flexible cock ring. It stretches from the inner diameter of 35 mm to any penis thickness, so one size fits all. It constricts the penis at its base making the erection harder and the feelings more intense. Made of high quality phthalate-free silicone that is pleasurable to the touch. Perfect choice for both spicing the joint intimate moments up and also bigger stimulation when masturbating.

Nexus Enduro Plus 厚矽膠超彈力持久環

Click to buy 點擊購買 Nexus Enduro Plus 厚矽膠超彈力持久環 1278