Swiss Navy 瑞士海軍頂級油性潤滑霜 473ml

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Swiss Navy 瑞士海軍頂級油性潤滑霜 473ml


瑞士海軍,專業性愛領導廠商M.D. SCIENCE LAB所製造生產。


SWISS NAVY經典頂級油性潤滑霜,給您頂級擴肛享受!








– 經典頂級油性潤滑霜
– 頂級擴肛享受
– 油性
– 後庭潤滑適用


– 使用時如有不適,請立即停止使用
– 不適用於情趣玩具與一般乳膠材質避孕套

Swiss Navy Grease Lubricant 473ml


Swiss Navy Grease Lubricant is extremely slick for ongoing pleasure. Enhance your sex life with Swiss Navy Award Winning "Nothing is Impossible – No Pain No Gain" Grease Lubricant.


A rich slippery thick oil-based formula that stays where you put it. When using Grease, stretch-ability increases allowing for the deepest penetration possible resulting in more pleasurable and intense sexual play.


– Extremely slick for ongoing sexual pleasure
– Not compatible with condom
– Great with Sex Toys & Anal Sex

Swiss Navy 瑞士海軍頂級油性潤滑霜 473ml

Click to buy 點擊購買 Swiss Navy 瑞士海軍頂級油性潤滑霜 473ml