Swiss Navy Infuse 夫妻愉悅喚醒凝膠 2x59ml 1483

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Swiss Navy Infuse 夫妻愉悅喚醒凝膠 2x59ml






來自瑞士海軍的 INFUSE,男性和女性凝膠配方用於愉悅喚醒和刺激。


配有 59ml x 2瓶




– 最大化愉悅
– for her: 溫暖,清涼的感覺
– for him: 快樂最大化和耐力促進
– 柔滑,天鵝絨般的感覺
– 持久的潤滑
– pH平衡


For Him 那瓶
– 採用了罕見的草藥Butea Superba,旨在最大限度地提高愉悅感,同時增加耐力和整體表現。
– 用法: 將所需的量用於陰莖並按摩。感覺將立即開始。


For Her 那瓶
– 是一種全面的活力凝膠,用於通過溫暖/涼爽,刺痛感促進性喚起和愉悅。
– 用法: 直接應用於陰蒂。 輕輕地揉入陰蒂和直接在下面的區域。


– 安全使用安全套
– 請將本品放在兒童不能接觸的地方
– 美國製造

Swiss Navy Infuse 2 In 1 Arousal Gel 2x59ml


INFUSE Arousal Gels for Couples


Premium Lubricants


From Swiss Navy® comes INFUSE, male and female gels formulated for arousal and stimulation.


Comes with 2 x 2 FL OZ Bottles


Love Your Love Life


– Maximizes pleasure
– Warming, cooling sensation for her
– Pleasure maximizing and endurance promoting for him
– Silky, velvety feel
– Long-lasting
– pH Balanced


His is formulated with the rare herb Butea Superba designed to maximize pleasure while increasing stamina and overall performance.


Hers is a comprehensive invigorating gel formulated to promote sexual arousal and pleasure with a warming/cooling, tingling sensation.


Additional Information:
– Safe for condom use
– Keep out of reach of children


Directions For His: Apply desired amount to penis and massage in. Sensation will begin immediately.
Directions For Hers: Apply direclty to clitoris. Gently rub into clitoris and the area directly on the underside.

Swiss Navy Infuse 夫妻愉悅喚醒凝膠 2x59ml

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