Onadroid Grips Hard 抓握感飛機杯-硬版 500

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Onadroid Grips Hard 抓握感飛機杯-硬版


通過這款Onadroid Grips Onacup精心設計的愛情隧道,探索全新的快樂世界。您選擇的是硬版,其創作者略微調整了其快樂噱頭的佈局,以給您的男性成熟最佳刺激。








尺寸:15.5 x 6.9 cm(6.1 x 2.7“)

Onadroid Grips Onacup Hard


Discover a whole new world of pleasure by diving into the lovingly designed love tunnel of this Onadroid Grips Onacup. Depending on whether you choose the soft or the hard version, its creators have slightly adjusted the layout of its pleasure gimmicks to give your manhood optimal stimulation. Regardless of your choice, you can manually add an extra kick of pleasure by squeezing and gripping the outside, while the vacuum deep within tightly wraps each protrusion around your member.


Non-penetrating type, lotion filling type, hard type


Thick and thick fins and prongs attack hard!


– Masturbator cup toy
– Dimensions: 15.5 x 6.9 cm (6.1 x 2.7")
– Material: urethane, silicone
– Non-air release hole type masturbator

Onadroid Grips Hard 抓握感飛機杯-硬版

Onadroid Grips Hard 抓握感飛機杯-硬版

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