Onadroid Onacup 01 Red 真實感飛機杯548

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Onadroid Onacup 01 Red 真實感飛機杯01


Onadroid Onacup 01 Red 真實感飛機杯01


Onadroid Onacup 外觀時尚,易於抓握的設計和令人驚嘆的刺激內部。本系列設有兩個版本發布,兩個版本都具有令人難以置信的內部細節設計,根據您的握持方式改變刺激。內部材料感覺就像一個真正舒適的愛穴。


Onadroid Onacup 01 紅色版本採用最小的螺紋隧道,以一個緊密的洞穴結束,為您的龜頭帶來額外的樂趣。



Onadroid Onacup 01 Red


The Onadroid Onacup is a handheld masturbation toy that features both a sleek, easy-to-grip exterior and an amazingly stimulating inside. Released in two versions, both feature a design with incredible internal details, changing the stimulation depending on how you hold it. The inside material feels just like the snug love hole of a real woman and will step up your masturbation game yet without resorting to fussy gimmicks.


The "Onadroid Onacup 01" red version features a minimal ribbed tunnel that ends with a tight cave to give your glans an extra kick of pleasure.


Enjoy in the field.


The stimulation changes depending on the angle of the three types of “faces” of different sizes, the wart carpet and the folds.


Enjoy with "skin".


Fully reproduces the skin of a woman by using high quality gel material.


Enjoy with "true".


Two pearls who waited in the back make a more realistic woman feel.


It is the appearance of the cup hall which does not disappoint the expectation of the new era!


Body size: W70 × H140 × D70 (mm)


– Includes lubricant
– Non-air release hole type masturbator with vacuum-control hole

Onadroid Onacup 01 Red 真實感飛機杯01

Onadroid Onacup 01 Red 真實感飛機杯01

Onadroid Onacup 01 Red 真實感飛機杯01

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