Orgie Orgasm Drops Kissable 陰蒂快感增強液 30ml 1416

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Orgie Orgasm Drops Kissable 陰蒂快感增強液 30ml


Orgasm Drops Kissable 專門為刺激陰蒂而開發,營造出愉悅的溫暖感,增添您的興奮感!




Orgasm Drops 包裝在一個小玻璃瓶中,可以使用移液吸量管精確掌握使用份量。


保存期限: 3年


– Kissable 版可配合口交時使用
– 直接塗抹在陰蒂上
– 暖暖的熱感不刺痛
– 符合女性陰道PH值
– 增強和增加親密的愉悅感
– 促進更加規律和激烈的高潮
– 易清洗
– 可與避孕套一起使用


– 只限外用
– 不宜食用
– 避免產品接觸眼睛
– 本產品不含殺精劑,並非避孕產品
– 避免塗抹於傷口及敏感皮膚
– 如使用產品有過敏反應,請停止使用
– 如用後有任何不適,請停止使用,有需要可向醫生查詢
– 請將產品存放在室溫陰涼及乾燥的地方,避免陽光直接照射,避免兒童接觸

Orgie Orgasm Drops Kissable 30ml


Stimulating drops for the clitoris!


These Orgy Orgasm Drops Kissable have been specially developed to stimulate the clitoris, creating a pleasant feeling of warmth and boosting your excitement! "Kissable" version that can be used during oral pleasures…


Orgie Orgasm Drops Kissable have a unique formula, specially designed for clitoral stimulation. These intimate drops can be applied directly to the female intimate area and can increase the sensitivity of the clitoral area in a few moments. They create a delicious sensation of warmth, terrifically stimulating and promote the increase of blood flow to the intimate parts. Thanks to them, orgasms can be obtained more easily and more frequently.


Orgie Orgasm Drops stimulation drops are packaged in a small glass bottle, and can be precisely measured out using the pipette. A woman’s secret for intense orgasms.


– Clitoral stimulation drops
– Intensify and increase intimate pleasure
– Promotes more regular and intense orgasms
– Made in Portugal


Instructions: Apply a few drops directly on the clitoris, then massage lightly and wait a few seconds for the effect to be felt.

Orgie Orgasm Drops Kissable 陰蒂快感增強液 30ml

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